We cannot blame you for believing in the following seven myths. Most of us tend to trust other people’s opinion even when they are wrong.

Look for better hangover remedies and forget the ones listed below – they are not effective at all and cannot make you feel better after a party at a night club.

Drinking a mug of coffee
Your hangover will still be torturing you even if you drink a few mugs of coffee. Caffeine cannot resolve the issue so forget the idea that all you need in the morning is a cup of strong coffee. Coffee does not neutralize alcohol or toxins. It cannot hydrate you better than water and, as a result, you will still be suffering from the discomfort.

Drinking lots of water
Water cannot make your hangover worse, of course. However, you should not believe those who claim that drinking a gallon of water helps them get rid of the typical headache that they have after partying. Only time can help you. Toxins will leave your body after a few hours and water does not make the process any faster. Drink water only if you are thirsty, but do not expect the symptoms to disappear after drinking another glass of water.

7 Remedies That Cannot Make Your Hangover Disappear Drinking lots of water

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